Dan Fab Zoo World Assistant / How to instal
  • Katia November 2011
    Before you install the program:
    you need to install Mozilla Firefox : http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

    or Google Chrom : http://www.google.com/chrome

    If you use Mozilla Firefox you will need to install "Greasemonkey" : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/

    Now You are ready to install "Dan Fab Zoo World Assistant" : http://hq-assistant.site11.com/js/DFZWAssistant.user.js
    Another links from which you can install : http://zoodung.jaidnet.com/js/DFZWAssistant.user.js and http://www.blackrain69.com/DFZW/js/DFZWAssistant_gm.user.js

    Go to the wrench in chrome > Tools > Extensions > Delete the old version of DFZW Assistant > Install from the links

    Go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts > Select the old version of DFZW Assistant > Unistall > Install from the links

    For Google Chrom :
    GreaseGoogle :


    Tampermonkey :


    Tampermonkey provides enhanced userscript support for Google Chrome and Chromium Browser (version or greater). It's API is fully compatible to Greasemonkey. This means support of: - full unsafeWindow access - iframe support - all GM_* functions including: * GM_registerMenuCommand * GM_xmlhttpRequest with cross domain support * GM_getResourceText * GM_getResourceURL - the tags: * @resource and * @require

    Blank Canvas Script Handler :


    This extension lets you customize web sites by running bits of JavaScript on pages. It's kind of an unofficial Greasemonkey for Chrome, and supports many of the GM_* functions used in most scripts. Features: * Easily install scripts on userscripts.org or any other page * Shows installed scripts, sites they run on, and their basic features * Built-in script editor lets you easily create or modify scripts * Shows number and list of scripts running on current page * Supports most Greasemonkey functions


    These are the steps you will need to take every time you load your zoo, all will be found in the “ADVANCED” Tab.
    1. Click on Advanced Tab
    2. Detailed logging: show / hide (Click “SHOW”)
    3. Zoo: load your Zoo / load any Zoo / show Zoo / load your island (Load your Zoo)
    4. Look in the box labeled “Zoo” and make sure you see this: {"success":true,"return_data":{"islands":[{"objectId":"9999","mapId"………………………………………….
    5. If you see the above you are ready to use the program.
    6. If you see this: {"success":false,"return_data":null,"client_side":[],"error_code":0,"error_message":"invalid page signature","version":""}
    7. Then go here: Cookies: show / delete / set and click Show, then Delete and scroll to the bottom and click the button that says: Clear Log
    8. Then go back up: Zoo: load your Zoo / load any Zoo / show Zoo / load your island (Load your Zoo)
    9. Repeat process until you see: {"success":true,"return_data":{"islands":[{"objectId":"9999","mapId"………………………………………….

    When you get "success":true,"return_data" you are now ready to use the program. (You may need to refresh your page and start from the beginning if you are having problems getting this)
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